Mobile, personal training & fitness coaching

Located on the beautiful Caribbean island of Grand Cayman, 7 Mile Fitness believes in the philosophy that overall lifestyle change can lead to a healthier, happier you.

A boutique, personal training experience

We believe by making small changes to your diet and nutrition and incorporating an exercise regime you actually enjoy doing, your fitness routine will become part of your day-to-day life.

Our International Sports Science Association certified Fitness Trainer can fit your sessions in to your weekly routine. They can train you in your own home, gym or even outdoors if you prefer. This flexibility to work around your schedule means there is no excuse not to start training today and achieve results that will last!

Knowledge meets experience

Kym Bailey, our head Fitness Trainer , is an inspiring individual who has embraced a fitness lifestyle and never looked back.

On the athletics side Kym has achieved tremendous success in just a short period of time, winning the Cayman Islands Half Marathon, and ranking towards the top of her age group in both the Chicago and Boston Marathons.

Kym is an ISSA qualified fitness trainer who is dedicated to helping clients make the transition into the best version of themselves through nutrition, fitness and wellness.

A tailored approach to fitness training

At 7MF we believe a balanced and healthy diet combined with a regular exercise regime that you enjoy will give you not just immediate but long lasting results.

We will tailor a fitness training plan according to your needs and the flexibility of doing the workout when and where you decide means no excuses not to work towards that new you!

Whether you want to lose weight, tone, strengthen or even be able to run that 5k, 10k or even marathon race, we can tailor a plan to achieve your personal goal.

Flexible options to reach your goal

At 7 Mile Fitness we appreciate sometimes you prefer to work out with a friend or two. We can offer reduced rates for group sessions if you want to share your training time.

We will soon be offering some group exercise sessions at various locations but till then we are happy to offer outdoor boot camp style group sessions. If you prefer to work out in your own gym or home with a friend we are happy to offer a reduced rate for these sessions too. If you find a bit of competitive spirit or indeed just sharing the experience helps make your love of exercise grow then this could work for you.

Virtual Run Coaching

7 Mile Fitness offers a technology-focused approach, giving runners online access to an expert running coach, who will help them execute an individualized plan all while providing the encouragement needed to ensure success.

While online training involves the need for some self-motivation, help can come whenever needed from Kym, a UESCA (United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy) Running Coach with a marathon/half marathon focus, who is just a click away. With a strong communication ethos, she will monitor your progress and provide motivational support, helping ensure you achieve your goals.

  • An initial one on one consultation
  • Personalised online plan
  • Regular individual emails & messages relating to progress
  • A personal touch point every month via video chat or voice call if required
  • Hints, tips and good eating emails throughout
  • Invitations and updates to local activities and events (5k runs, walks etc)

Nutritional balance to suit your lifestyle

You get out of your body what you put in to it. This is so true when it comes to your diet and nutrition, we can help ensure you are getting the correct balance to suit your lifestyle.

Diet and nutrition is not just about weight loss. Whether you are starting your new fitness regime for the first time or re-introducing or increasing your workouts you need to ensure you are fueling your body correctly. This will ensure you have the energy to get the most from your sessions and do so safely with no injury. We will chat to you about your existing diet and suggest changes to include the correct balance of protein, carbohydrates & fat leading to a healthier and more energized you!


Get in touch with Kym +1 345 926 4852 or email